Coffee on your mind?

We’re the dark, seductive goddess you’ve been yearning for

Finding the perfect cup of coffee is like romance; elusive at the best of times. 

But not with our roasts.

Think about Love Beans as that smooth, stylish stranger who makes your heart beat that little bit faster. And trust us – it’s not just the caffeine talking. 

Inhale, and become besotted with our luscious aromas. 
Sip, and fall in love with our rich flavours.
And sigh in satisfaction, every single time, with our full-bodied brews.

Best of all, we’ll keep the relationship fresh by roasting your beans to order. With Love Beans, your love affair with coffee will never go stale.


Product of the month

Father's Day Special

So you’ve decided what THE WORLD’S GREATEST DAD really needs this Father’s Day is a snazzy set of 12 customised printed coffee pods and a BONUS framed photograph.

Nothing says “I love you, dad” like a coffee pod with your dad’s face emblazoned across the top (or any image you want really - family, friends, the family pet, favourite sports team, [insert dad’s favourite thing here] - the possibilities are endless).

You dad is going to LOVE them!

So here’s what we need to get the pods rolling:

First… NESPRESSO or DOLCE GUSTO pods? Let us know your dad’s preference.


Provide us with up to 6 digital photo files in either JPEG or PNG format and email them through to us for printing.

A circular pod image does come with a few limitations, so to achieve the best result we need all faces as centred within the frame as possible, with as much empty space around the subjects as you can manage. This will help us to capture the important aspects of the image without chopping off vital details in the process.


Once you order and pay for this package, you'll be contacted by Love Beans to discuss your ideas and to clarify the images we can use.


Roast of the month

First Love Blend

Our First Love blend is a combination of Nicaraguan El Peñón, Brazil Monte Cristo and Kenya Gathaithi.

For the hard-core coffee connoisseurs, the flavour notes of this luscious blueberry Ethiopian blend include pineapple, fresh cocoa, blueberry, and silky smooth chocolate, giving a candy-like overall sweetness. 

For those of us who just crave a sweet and succulent coffee, one sip of this nectar will have you falling in love with coffee all over again. 


Feed the desire with a Love Beans subscription

With your favourite coffee delivered regularly, there’s no need to get all Fatal Attraction on us

Once we caress your tastebuds you can’t get enough of us. We can’t get enough of us.

So we introduced 250g subscription options. 

1. Simply select your frequency – fortnightly or monthly. 
2. Tell us how you brew – beans, a grind, coffee bag or pods. 
3. Specify your chosen blend or single origin. (Alternatively, if you want to keep a bit of excitement in the relationship, let us curate a surprise pack just for you.)

Then relax while we get into the grind (pun intended) and start creating magic. 

No hidden catches, no strings, cancel anytime. Just fresh coffee roasted with a whole lotta’ love.



The love beans story

Would you believe that our coffee philosophy actually started with tea?

It’s true. 

As a tea lover, we began roasting coffee so that it had flavours that a tea drinker would want. In avoiding the usual chocolate and caramel tones, we went fruity with desire. 

At first, we worked to harness the luscious flavours of the glorious blueberry. We became enamoured with capturing the cheeky cherry. And before long, we were smitten with the ravishing raspberry. It was true love. 

We quickly became obsessed… with a goal. To roast a blend of coffee that was like an apple pie – crisp apple, sweet cinnamon, and a touch of tangy lemon. 

We did it. 

Love turned to obsession, and Love Beans was born.


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