The Build-On Brick Mug is no ordinary coffee mug. Personalise your mug with your favourite building bricks. Ideal for kids and kids-at-heart. Choose from black, pink or red.

Includes a set of starter bricks.

Searching for the perfect gift can be tough.

Where can you find that magical balance of something personal, practical and well-priced?

Enter our EXCLUSIVE custom-printed Nespresso™* coffee pods.

They’re like normal Love Beans pods, only better. Because they’re customised to you.

You decide who—or what—is printed on them.

Then relax… and leave the rest to us.

If you’re after a dark roast that’s rich, complex and bold, I’m it. Truth be known, I’m called a bombshell for a reason.

Notes: Rich tones of caramel and dark honey combine with peaches, berry, and juicy citrus tones.

Origin: Brazil, Colombia & Vietnam

One dance on your tongue and my full complexity will reveal itself…

Sweet and earthy with dark honey and peach undertones

Origin: Indonesia | Varietals: Onang Ganjang (local Bourbon variety) | Processing: Wet pulped | Altitude: 1400 MASL

The ultimate reusable coffee cup.

Leak-proof, biodegradable, odourless, tasteless, dishwasher safe, with a corrugated heat sleeve for your sipping comfort, and offers a superior drinking experience.

Perfect for the home, work and everywhere in between. One for you, one for the not-so-better half, and a few for the car.

*Trademark is of a third party not related to Love Beans

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