Making love… beans

Brewing your Love Beans

Coffee-making methods to make your first sip as exquisite as the last

Whether you’re enjoying beans, a grind, coffee bags or pods, the correct brewing method will ensure your tastebuds are in raptures.

Here are some of the methods we recommend.

Brewing your coffee the Chemex way

Brew in style

The Chemex has been called ‘equal parts brilliance and common sense’ since its invention in 1941. The Chemex is not just a coffee pot – it’s a beautiful, sexy carafe made of glass. It’s even been classed as a work of art, on display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Finally… some art you can purchase for your home that’s both stunning and practical! What other artistry can provide you with an indulgent cup of coffee each day?

Tamara’s Tip: With a Chemex, you lift the grounds out with the filter. They never touch the carafe, which makes it magic and easy to clean.


Essential: Chemex carafe, Chemex filters, kettle, grinder, a digital scale, timer, spoon, coffee cup 

Coffee Beans: 50g whole bean coffee of your choice

Time: 3-4 minutes

Serving: 2 large mugs (if using a 6-cup Chemex carafe)

Note: Chemex 3-cup carafe or 6-cup carafe, Chemex bonded filters, coffee beans, and hand grinder all available in our shop.

  1. Boil your kettle.
  2. Insert the filter into the carafe with the single fold away from the spout, and multiple folds lined up against the spout. Rinse the filter with hot water so that it’s completely wet from bottom to top. Pour out the water, keeping the filter in place.
  3. Grind 50g coffee beans to a medium coarse texture. Put the grinds into the filter paper in the middle of the Chemex carafe.
  4. Pour hot water until all of the grounds are saturated. Stir with a spoon to remove any dry clusters.
  5. Wait 45 seconds and then pour about 350g of water. Pour the water in a circular motion to wet all of the grounds.
  6. Wait 1 minute, 45 seconds and fill the carafe to the top (about 650-700g of water).
  7. At about the 4-minute mark, the water should have mostly drained through the filter. Pull the filter out and throw away.
  8. Serve. Indulge.


Brew with simplicity

Aeropress is the ‘go to’ coffee maker when you’re out and about. It’s even handy at home!

Aeropress fits in your handbag, briefcase or picnic bag so you can take it wherever you’re going – to work on the train, on a picnic, taking a 5-minute break in the car while watching the kids play cricket… absolutely anywhere!

If you like smooth, fast espresso coffee, this is the one for you. It’s the ‘no fuss’ coffee maker of your dreams.

Tamara’s Tip: Don’t leave the coffee to steep too long (eg minutes) in the Aeropress as it can become bitter with an acidic aftertaste.

You can re-use the micro-filters. After use, just brush the filter off under running water before drying it flat, ready for next time.

Aeropress versus Chemex – this is espresso versus drip filter. Aeropress is a stronger, richer flavour with more body. Chemex is milder and sweet in comparison.


Essential: Aeropress kit including micro-filters, funnel, scoop, stirrer, and kettle (if on the go, you’ll need a thermos of hot water instead)

Coffee: 14-15g ground coffee of your choice

Time: 3-4 minutes

Serving: 2 cups

  1. Put the micro-filter into the base of the Aeropress and rinse with hot water. Discard the water after the filter is saturated, keeping the filter in place. 
  2. Put the Aeropress on top of your cap with the filter.
  3. Place 14-15g ground coffee (medium-coarse texture) into the top of the Aeropress.
  4. Pour in 220ml hot water – until it’s almost full (there’s a ‘4’ marker near the top, so fill just above that). If you’ve freshly boiled hot water, let it stand for 1-2 minutes to slightly cool before pouring.
  5. Stir the water and coffee grinds well. Put the top of the Aeropress on to form a seal.
  6. Wait 2 minutes and press down until you hear a hiss of air. You may need to use firm pressure to push the water through the micro-filter. You should push slowly so that it takes about 30 seconds for all the water to run through.
  7. Kick back and enjoy the nectar of the Gods. (And don’t forget you can re-use your micro-filter!)

Nanopresso – with Nespresso® compatible capsule add-on 

Brew on the go with capsules 

The Nanopresso with the Nespresso® compatible capsule add-on is lightweight and portable – almost as good as having George Clooney in your back pocket. And if you prefer your coffee ground, rather than pods or capsules, then that works too.

Nanopresso holds up to 80ml of water with a detachable cup. It’s heat protected, so you can’t burn yourself. 

It’s the perfect travel companion. And if you commute, the Nanopresso is ideal. Who says you can’t whip up an espresso on the train of a morning? 

Tamara’s Tip: Nespresso® uses a pump action to press hot water through the coffee, giving you a beautiful cream and flavour. If you’re using ground coffee, it’s best to pump it hard.


Hario V60 Pourover 

Brew pour over coffee 

The Hario V60 brews pour-over coffee that’s rich in flavour, a clean body, and crisp acidity. This is a ‘hands-on’ process and is classed as a ‘pour over’ coffee. 

That’s the technical stuff. We’d rather just say it brews amazing coffee.

Tamara’s Tip: There are sooooo many online resources and recipes available for the Hario V60. Find your favourite recipe and recreate it. 

Just take note that you’ll need to adjust your grind to a finer setting if you come up short on time, and coarser if you’re taking too long.

Buy the kit, including your coffee roast! Hario filters, coffee scale, pour over kettle, filter coffee beans/ground coffee, grinder… the list is endless.



Brew body-friendly coffee

Use your Love Beans to make hot or iced coffee that’s good for your bank account (you can re-brew grounds a second time) and your body (low in oily compounds and acids while tasting oh-so-smooth).

When Summer kicks in, it’s time for a cold brew, drip coffee (although if you like hot drinks in the heat, it can also brew up a piping hot cup of Joe). Bring on the BOD (Brew On Demand)!

Use the extract to make virtually any gourmet hot or iced coffee drinks, cocktails and desserts.

Tamara’s Tip: Allow the coffee to brew for at least 12-24 hours (a minimum of 16-17 hours is guaranteed to be delicious). The kit is also dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze. 

Your brew can be placed in a sealed container and stored in the fridge for 1-2 weeks.

Buy the kit – AfterPay available – including BOD Cold Brew Kit, grinder, and 1kg ground coffee.


  1. Pour 250g coarsely ground coffee into the stainless steel filter and brew chamber with ambient (air temperature) water.
  2. Attach the built-in, 24-ounce container. 
  3. Leave for 12 to 24 hours, out of the fridge. 
  4. Flip the container so that the coffee extract passes into the other part of the container.
  5. Put in the fridge to cool.
  6. Serve! Remember that it’s CONCENTRATED coffee, so add cold water, milk or hot water for a delicious drink. 

Tamara’s Tip: I like to make coffee ice cubes with half the batch, and then pour the concentrate with milk over it for a nice, strong, cold iced coffee.

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