Sealpod FeePod Starter Pack (ALDI)




This FeePod Aldi (K-fee)-compatible* capsule will help you to reduce your kitchen waste, enjoy your choice of Love Beans coffee and save you money!

Low-impact, eco-friendly and economical, FeePod allows you to reduce your costs and make a positive environmental impact every time you brew. Made of high grade stainless steel, these innovative coffee pods easily rinse clean, ready for reuse - giving you all the convenience without the waste.

FeePod Starter Pack includes:

1 x stainless steel reusable capsule

1 x silicone cover

1 x scoop

100 x paper filters

1 x spare silicone ring

*Trademark is of a third party not related to Love Beans.

Additional information

Weight .3 kg


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