The Zodiac Collection


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Choose a box featuring the 12 signs of the Zodiac, or a box featuring 12 x a single sign. Each recyclable Nespresso*-compatible pod contains our creamy, luscious Brazil Toffee coffee. Pods are presented in a deluxe black box. $20 per box.

*Trademark is of a third party not related to Love Beans.

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The Zodiac (a box featuring all 12 signs), 12 x Aries pods, 12 x Taurus pods, 12 x Gemini pods, 12 x Cancer pods, 12 x Leo pods, 12 x Virgo pods, 12 x Libra pods, 12 x Scorpio pods, 12 x Sagittarius pods, 12 x Capricorn pods, 12 x Aquarius pods, 12 x Pisces pods


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