Love Beans and your business brand — a match made in marketing heaven!

Searching for a client gift with a difference can be tough.

Where can you find that perfect balance of something unique, practical and well-priced?

Enter our EXCLUSIVE custom-printed Nespresso™* coffee pods.

They’re like normal Love Beans pods, only better. Because they’re customised to you.

Choose your preferred Love Beans roast, send us your logo—or any image really— to be printed on them, and then relax…
and leave the rest to us.


Nespresso* Recyclable Pods

Sustainability is a top priority at Love Beans, which is why we have a recyclable pod option available for your business at no extra cost. The print results are exceptional too.

Coffees that delight the senses

From sweet and succulent, to earthy and complex—Love Beans roasts premium coffees for every palate. We’ll discuss all coffee options following your initial enquiry.

Boxed or Bulk?

Present your pods in our white 5-pod boxes or our deluxe black 12-pod boxes. If ordering in bulk you’ll receive your pods in 50-pod boxes. Fancy going the extra mile? Then enquire about our box-printing service.


Minimum order is 150 pods.

*Trademark used is of a third party not related to Love Beans.

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