Love Beans and your business brand – a match made in marketing heaven

Custom-printed *Nespresso™ & Dolce Gusto Coffee Pods

The gift or promotional item that’s slick, sassy and completely YOU

(oh, and that tastes good, too)

Searching for the perfect gift can be soul destroying. Where can you find that perfect balance of something personal, practical and well-priced? (Not to mention pretty damn hot!)

Enter our EXCLUSIVE custom-printed *Nespresso™ and Dolce Gusto coffee pods.

They’re like normal Love Beans pods, only better. Because they’re customised to you.

You decide the Love Beans blend or roast. You decide the type of pod (*Nespresso™ or Dolce Gusto). And you decide who – or what – is printed on them.

Then relax… and leave the rest to us.




No matter what you need to sweet talk your way out of, or where (or who) you want to sweet talk your way in to, we can help


Whether it’s for work or home, business or personal, marketing or ‘just because’, our exclusive custom-printed coffee pods are a feast for the eyes, mouth and heart.

Cost-effective   |   Personalised   |   Unforgettable   


Because pens get lost.

Magnets go straight in the bin.

And only your mum keeps your business card.

Whether they’re *Nespresso™, Dolce Gusto or something else entirely, we can create luscious-tasting promotional pods with your brand all over them.


Make your clients feel all warm and gooey inside. Make them want more. 

Imagine them opening the lid of your custom-printed box. There it is – your brand, front and centre. 

Pods with your logo. Pods with your brand images. Pods with a secret message – whatever you think will get them all hot and steamy under the bonnet.

To make it even hotter, we can include a personalised message on the box itself.  

Want exposure? They’ll post them all over their social media. And they’ll be on display for customers to see. 

But they’ll be tempted… and it won’t be long before they give in and brew one of the little darlings. Their palette will be ravished, they’ll be in raptures for hours, and you’ll be on their mind.

It’s the promotional keepsake that gets you talked about.

The marketing gift that keeps you front and centre. 

And the innovation your business needs to stand out, showcase your brand, and make a lasting impression.

Give them as thank you gifts when you receive a client referral or end a project.

Build a custom hamper with us including anything from your *Nespresso™ or Dulce Gusto pods AND coffee machine – it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Then create a giveaway to increase your email subscribers or social engagement.

Have them in-house for client meetings – and wow the pants off them.

Want to include custom coffee coasters? We can do that, too.


Let’s turn up the heat and get your business noticed. Because there really is no limit to what we can brew.


Love Beans and your business brand – a match made in marketing heaven.

So, let’s get this party started. 


Seduce clients. Put your business logo under their nose (and into their tastebuds) every time they want a steaming hot cup of coffee… 


*Trademark used is of a third party, not related to Love Beans.

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